Mixed Pickle 400g


  • Mixed Pickle 400g

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Export/Local Items Grammage Packing Size
Export Pickle-Jar 1000g X12, X6
Export Pickle-Jar 340g, 400g, 500g X12
Export Pickle-Bottle 340g X72
Export Pickle-Pouch 500g, 1000g X12, X24
Local Pickle-Pouch 500g, 1000g X12, X24
Local Pickle-Jar 1000g X12
Local Pickle-Jar 400g X24
Local Pickle-Bottle 340g X12, X24
Local Pickle-Pouch 200g X36
Local Pickle-Sachet 90g X144
Local Pickle-Sachet 40g X288


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