Welcome to Mehran’s Journey of Success Mehran Spice & Food Industries have been delivering nourishment and quality through its signature range of premium food products to consumers across the globe since 1975. From humble beginnings, Mehran started its operations from a plant in SITE Karachi. In 1988 the Pure Foods Plant was set up in

Bombay Biryani

At Mehran Spice & Food Industries we value the trust placed in us by our customers to provide nutrition. We strive to make sure that our customers are provided with products that are hearty, hygienic and of the highest quality. Mehran has a range of up to 50 recipe mixes. One such mix is a

Barbecue food is a local tradition, but as much as we like eating it, getting it right can make or break the experience. With a few simple tricks, you can easily make your barbeque a success. The first step is to preheat the grill and oil its bars to keep the meat from sticking. Ideally,

Food is a major part of Pakistani culture. Pakistanis love food so much that there are food items which have become integral parts of several local traditions, with some traditions even being centered around food. A subtle indicator of this is the number of local eateries. The food business is one of the most competitive

Pakistani food is often spicy and rich, making it the favorite cuisine of many. Though Pakistani food can typically vary from region to region, there are a few favorites that are loved universally, and will likely never go out of style. A few to name are chicken tikkas, mutton and chicken biryani, qorma, shami kabab